Border Solutions, founded in 2006, is a full-service logistics company providing transportation using a diverse variety of vehicles, from light vans through to commercial vans, heavy rigid and articulated vehicles. A company philosophy of quality and safety is uppermost on the company’s agenda. Personnel are trained to:

“Think Safety, Work Safely, and Go Home Safely”.

Company personnel are trained to a high standard and have free access to the numerous policies and procedures which drive the company forward uniformly. Any incidents or accidents are investigated to ensure a problem is identified to ensure it does not happen again and that we learn from the root cause of any issues.

At Border Solutions, we deliver on the promises we make. We listen to the challenges our customers are facing and respond with unique, results-driven solutions. We are accessible, accommodating and accountable. Our footprint is comprised of strong relationships and personalised performance that carries through each aspect of our operation. We respond accordingly to the challenges faced by customers in delivering their product 24/7 and are always open to new challenges.

If you need assistance with your logistics’ needs, please feel free to contact us.

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